How To Avoid Losing a Fall Down Victim Case

What you don’t know could hurt you. Be sure to do your research when filing and learn about common errors.

A fall down victim case is a relatively common occurrence that requires a lawyer and immediate attention. People who are injured in a fall down victim case often make the error of waiting before speaking to a lawyer, thinking they have two years or more to do it. Waiting a few months is a mistake.

Fall Down Victim CaseHere’s why:

  1. Evidence may be destroyed 

    The time following the accident is exceedingly important for gathering the evidence required to prove your case. A deciding factor in a fall down victim case is the proof that a defect or danger existed…and without that, you won’t be able to establish much else. If you contact a lawyer early on, he or she can assess from the outset whether the proof is sufficient and take action if it is.

  1. Multiple parties may be responsible. 

    If you’re like many people, you’ve been in a fall down accident wherein multiple parties are at fault. This complicates your case. Especially if it occurred in a large commercial building, maintenance or other contractors may be the real parties at fault for what occurred. Figuring out who is actually responsible will take some time. If the party is not located before the two-year statute passes, that party will likely be dismissed from the case. Do not wait to start your case. You never know how much time all this could take.

  1. Fill out an accident report at the time of the fall 

    If your company has a way of generating reports, it’s a good idea to make a record of what happened as soon as you are able. Include such information as:

  • The events leading up to the fall
  • Who was there, and who you talked to afterwards (if anyone)
  • What you heard, saw, felt, smelled, etc.
  • Pictures taken from your phone to show evidence of the defect or danger that caused the accident

Even if your company does not have a formal system, you should still take notes down in a notebook about everything that happened, date it, etc. You are not required to make any written statements or sign anything, and you do not need to respond to insurance adjusters if they come to you asking questions. It is generally NOT in your interest, in these cases, to talk to the adjuster. Simply tell them that you are being represented by X lawyer.


We specialize in slip/trip and fall down victim cases especially in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. Should you require assistance at this time to decide whether you have a case because of an injury at work, please call us for a free consultation of your needs at 215) 543-6771.

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