3 Lies Not to Fall For When Looking for the Best Boutique Law Firm Philadelphia Has to Offer

If you’re looking for the best boutique law firm Philadelphia has to offer, chances are you investigating what characteristics and credentials make a law firm “boutique”. Simply put, it’s a law firm made of multiple attorneys with specializes in certain legal areas. The smaller size of the firm gives clients the chance to receive personalized services during each stage of the proceedings. For example, at The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, a local Philadelphia boutique law firm, specializations include the following:

Workers’ Compensation

Products Liability

Personal Injuries

Vehicular Accidents

Employment Discrimination

Fair Labor Standards Act

Longshoreman Injuries

Social Security Disability

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home Abuse

If your claim falls into one of those categories, you have a lot of options as far as choosing the right Philadelphia boutique law firm. As you commence your search for legal representation, it’s important not to fall for one of the following three lies, or misconceptions about how to go about finding the fit.

On Searching for a Philadelphia Boutique Law Firm: 3 Lies You Shouldn’t Listen To

  1. General attorneys are good at everything, so you should hire them!

There is a reason Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character–relatively few human beings possess the same photogenic memory and few are an expert in every subject matter. So don’t expect to hire a general attorney thinking that they must be “smarter” because they cover more ground. On the contrary, if you want the best representation, boutique law firms have extensive experience and training within particular areas of the law, meaning they can represent you with the best expertise within a very distinctive nice.

  1. Don’t shop around, it’s a waste of time!

That principle is almost never accurate. Sure, sometimes you find the pants that fit you just right on the first try, but how rare is that? Boutique law firm marketing would have you believe that one single firm has all the good lawyers, and no other firm can hold a candle to them. That’s statistically improbable, and practically untrue. There are many good attorneys, but what really makes a difference between various boutique law firms is the the passion lawyers bring to the process. The lawyers you work with must be both compassionate about your victimization and also aggressive in the courts. That rare balance of attributes is demonstrated only by boutique lawyers that are invested in the case outcomes and life impact of the individuals making the legal claim.

  1.     The notion put forth by firms that you can: Take our word on it.”

Corporate trust is the beautiful pillar of a well-rounded society, but that can be a bit utopic, especially in the profit-driven business world. Sure, lawyers might offer a lot of great, helpful counsel. But how can you really know that you’re found the best boutique law firm Philadelphia can offer you? Read their testimonials! Satisfied, compensated clients are the best proof that you’re considering the right firm. If a lawyer has no record of compensated clients, they aren’t worth your time.

TMH Law invites you to look around, and don’t forget to check out these testimonials.

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