3 Things You Might Not Know About Minimum Wage PA

Justice– our society is obsessed with it for better or worse. All you have to do is look at the number of superhero movies that have come out in the past six years, and the number that is expected to come in the next three! There have been 28 superhero movies in the last six years, and there are 13 more scheduled for the next three. Oh, and that’s just counting the Marvel films. DC Comics and other independent studies have been cranking them out as fast as they can.

And yet ironically, our obsession with justice so rarely translates into daily life. Take, for example, the minimum wage PA workers are supposed to earn. It’s set at $7.25 which is the federal minimum, up from $6.55/hour which was the minimum wage 2008 PA workers received. However, recent studies show that a great percentage of Americans are not being paid the minimum wage despite being entitled to the minimum amount. The United States Department of Labor did a 2011 study on the subject of minimum wage, PA not included, and found 3.5%-6.5% of all workers are being paid less than the minimum wage.

How is this possible?

3 Warning Signs You’re Not Being Paid True PA Minimum Wage

  1. You’re being charged for ‘equipment rental.’ If you’re working at an ice rink and you have money deducted from your paycheck for use of the zamboni, that’s a big red flag. A more common example is how cleaners are charged for the amount of cleaning product they use.
  2. You’re being charged for uniform rental. Again, some jobs require heavy-duty uniforms and protective gear, and some employers try to make their employees pay for that. Some waitresses even have this problem, and it brings their salary below the waitress minimum wage PA workers should earn. This is illegal because charging you for those rentals could–and often does–bring your salary below the minimum wage line.
  3. You’re working 40 hours a week, but you’re still below the poverty line for a single person. While minimum wage does not keep a family of two or more above the poverty line, it is designed to do so for individuals. If you aren’t staying afloat despite the hours you’re putting in, there’s a problem somewhere.

Don’t just lie down and roll over. TMH Law is here to help. If you have any red flags or indicators that you’re being paid less than the PA minimum wage, don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions and concerns!

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