3 Things Never to Say to a Fall Down Victim

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We’ve all been in a situation where someone sticks their foot in their mouth, generally at a somber or important occasion. It even happens that sometimes the words are coming out of our own mouths! Nobody is perfect. But here at the law offices of Thomas More Holland, we know that a fall down victim goes through a lot. And there are a lot of such victims! In fact, the National Safety Council cites that falls are the leading cause of unintentional injuries in the United States. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful things not to say to a fall down victim.

3 Things You Should Never Say to a Fall Down Victim

  • It was just an accident.

fall down victimA slip trip and fall is almost never just an accident. In fact, while the saying exists that some people trip over their own feet, the saying is more indicative of a general level of clumsiness. Actually “tripping on one’s own feet” is a rare occurrence. A fall down victim could tell you that most slip trip and falls are directly caused by negligence on the part of a landlord, mall, restaurant, or supermarket. Unrepaired sidewalks, a lack of proper signage, or no prompt cleaning up of spills are more often the culprits. These conditions are strictly regulated by the law, and while many might label a slip trip and fall as an “accident”, fall down victims deserve the compensation they are due by the law for unnecessary hurts and harms sustained.

  • Accidents happen! Get over it!

This is indirectly implying that the fall down victim was part of some grand cosmic destiny, that fate or karma directs who trips and who does not. In fact, the specific laws governing proper maintenance, signage, and upkeep of public walkways are there for a reason. Accident or no, a fall down victim has been injured, and should not have to shoulder the burden of missed work time or expensive medical bills alone. The legal system is designed to protect the citizens of this great nation. It’s not taking advantage, or making a fuss, it’s just being part of a system that is supposed to work for the good of everyone in it.

  • It isn’t worth it.

True, the legal system is not always expedient, but any amount of time is worth it if you’re going to get the compensation you deserve. While some law offices might charge you absurd amounts up front, and the risk you take when hiring them to represent you is enormous, the law offices of Thomas More Holland only get paid when you win or the case is settled. You can be sure it will be worth it when you’re represented by TMH Law.

If you or a loved one is a fall down victim, rest assured that TMH Law understands your case. As such, TMH Law is the most equipped to then make the case for your interests.

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