Don’t make these mistakes when you slip trip and fall!

Was there ever a time where you slipped and fell in a public place? Did you feel like all eyes were on you when you fell? Did it seem like that sidewalk jumped out at you and caused you to fall? One minute you were walking with friends, and the next minute you’re trying to figure out how you hit the ground. Most people who experience a slip or fall in a public place quickly gather themselves together and are on their way. If you ever find yourself in a fall down victim case here are mistakes to avoid.

4 Mistakes To Avoid In A Fall Down Victim Case

fall down victim caseMistake #1Failure To Investigate

Often times when people slip trip and fall, they quickly right themselves and continue on with their day. When you slip or fall you MUST determine what caused your fall. In a fall down victim case, you must be able to prove negligence and the only way to do this is by investigating what caused you to fall and injure yourself. Better yet, when you discover the cause of your fall take pictures and video. Take pictures in the direction you were walking, what caused your slip and fall, and where you ended up after the fall. The NFSI says that 5% of people sustain a serious fracture during a fall. If you’ve sustained an injury during your fall, you must record your injuries.

Mistake #2 – Failure To Report The Incident

People often forget to report their slip trip and fall to the proper authorities. This can be a bit tricky depending on where the fall took place. If you can find the appropriate person to report it to this will benefit you. If you do file a report with the proper authorities ask for a copy of the report so you can take it to your attorney.

Mistake #3 – Failure To Speak To Witnesses

Be sure to get information from those that witnessed your slip and fall incident. If you have friends or family that were with you at the time of your fall this will help. Even if people didn’t see you fall, they may have helpful information regarding lighting, what they heard at the time of your fall, or any other pertinent information.

Mistake #4 – Failure Retain An Attorney Immediately

Time is of the essence. The statute of limitations for slip, trip, and fall cases are 2 years. It’s imperative you retain an experienced slip trip and fall attorney as soon as possible. Developing your case and proving negligence takes precious time, and your lawyer will utilize all of that time.

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