Know where you stand with your workers compensation rights.

An injury on the job can happen in an instant, even during routine job functions. Not only do debilitating injuries happen and worker’s compensation is withheld, but the employer sometimes fires the employee in an attempt to avoid the claim. Physical harms are traumatic, often causing a ripple effect in your professional and personal life for years to come. In a situation like this, how do you get workers compensation?

First, know you are entitled to be compensated

how do you get workers compensationFile a notice  with your employer immediately to indicate that you have injured at work..Your claim is time sensitive because your injury and disability need to be medically evaluated.

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act protects workers left vulnerable to financial hardship due to injury. Both lost wage benefits and medical benefits are compensation under the Act. The employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier may be financially responsible for these benefits. When you hire a lawyer, you receive the assistance you need to determine the scope of your employer’s worker’s compensation obligations. Ultimately, legal action is the most effective way to get the workers compensation you are entitled to.

Secondly, get legal guidance about your medical injuries and where to seek care

The legal guidance from the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland will help you determine the extent of your hurts and harms. This could include advice about a lump sum settlement.  In addition to possible unpaid medical bills or unpaid wages. In your case, hiring a law firm to provide legal guidance may make the difference, and in the end, help you receive the workers compensation you need.

This year, Pennsylvania advocated for workers by lowering workers compensation insurance rates for employers, making this the fourth financial break for corporations equaling millions in incentive savings for corporations.  The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland offer experienced legal guidance in workers compensation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Thirdly, seek your remedies actively

Your injury on the job can cause frustration and family strife if you do not promptly pursue your benefits. If you are asking yourself how to get workers compensation, there is a strong chance that you need to act now. The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland offer a free consultation, and will advise you how to seek remedies. The most valuable investment you can make is in your prompt call to us at (215)-592-8080, How and when you get workers compensation depends on it.