Figure out how to file a workers comp claim with ease.

Trying to figure out how to file a workers comp claim on your own can be time consuming. As a legal process, you want to be sure you cover all the necessary details to ensure that you get all the compensation benefits you can.

However, if you know anything about how to file a workers comp claim, you should know that time is of the essence. That is why our team at the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland wants to provide you with the best, easily accessible information about where to learn how to file a workers comp claim. how to file a workers comp claim

Where to Learn How to File a Workers Comp Claim

One of the most robust and simplest guides on how to file a workers comp claim can be found on a website run by Nolo, a network which provides consumer-friendly legal information. To find out how – and where – to file for workers comp, simply read their article, “Filing a Workers Compensation Claim” . Otherwise, you can follow our interpretation of the steps to take.

How to File a Workers Comp Claim

  1. Get immediate medical care for your injury, be that a trip to the emergency room or to your general physician
  2. Report your work-related injury or illness to your employer or supervisor as soon as possible. If your injury does not require emergency medical attention, it may serve you well to notify your superiors before receiving medical treatment.
    1. Nolo also notes that, “In the unlikely event that your employer refuses to cooperate with you in filing a workers’ compensation claim, a call to your local workers’ compensation office will usually remedy the situation.”
    2. Per the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, “Failure to notify the employer can result in the delay or denial of benefits.”
  3. According to Nolo, your employer should have claim forms for you to fill out. Then, it becomes your employer’s responsibility to submit the paperwork to the proper insurance carrier.
  4. Although in some states it is the employee’s responsibility to file a claim with the state worker’s compensation agency, that is not the case in Pennsylvania. According to the PA Department of Labor and Industry, “Once you have lost a day, shift or turn of work, your employer is required to report your injury to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation by filing a first report of injury.”

Even if a work related injury is accepted by the insurance adjuster an experienced attorney is needed to make sure the description of the injury is not minimized by the insurance company

Since it can be difficult to understand how to file a workmans comp claim, you need an attorney who has handled these cases and understands the workers’ compensation laws. To get that experience and expertise, call TMH Law today.