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If you ever sustained an injury on the job you need to know your workers’ compensation rights. Being aware of the immediate steps to take after an injury, and the process of workers compensation in the state of Pennsylvania gives you an advantage. Being denied a workers’ compensation claim can be devastating to you and your family. When you’ve faced pushback, it’s time to seek out the expertise of TMH Law’s injured on the job lawyers!

Our “Injured on the Job” Lawyers Will Fight For Your Rights

Injured-On-The-Job-LawyersAt the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, our lawyers for workers compensation understand the complexities of labor laws and regulations.

Some of the services our injured in the job lawyers provide, include:

  • Always keeping you informed of the status of your case.
  • Researching your case by gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.
  • Making sure that all pertinent documents are filed with the court or agency.
  • Fighting aggressively to make sure you receive the wage loss and medical benefits you need or helping you get you the a lump sum settlement you deserve.

A Note About Lump Sum Settlements: Tom Holland is experienced in evaluating lump sum offers. Early lump sum settlement offers may be encouraging, but Tom Holland will be able to help not leave anything on the table. If the disability continues to be treated without a definitive diagnosis and/or prognosis, prompt settlement may not be prudent. When and if to settle is your decision to make, but BEWARE. What’s the hurry? Please be cautious of an early settlement offer from a claims adjustor who suggests you do not need a lawyer. Our law office specializes in representing injured employees, and we know worker’s compensation law inside and out. You are allowed to represent yourself in worker’s compensation proceedings, but remember that the litigation is complex and your employer will be represented by an experienced attorney. Don’t walk into court, unprepared and outnumbered

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act says:

  • You must report your injury within 21 days of the accident or incurred injury in order to be eligible for workers compensation.
  • If you haven’t reported your injury within 120 days, your workers comp claim will be denied, and you will not be entitle to any compensation.
  • Your employer is legally obligated to report any employee’s injury to their workers comp insurer upon report of a work-related injury.

If you’re in need of injured on the job lawyers that can help you decipher the complex laws of workers’ compensation, then contact TMH Law at 215-701-9365 today! For a free case evaluation click here.

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