What can the personal touch mean to your claim?

When you see the word ‘myth’– what comes to mind? Perhaps Greek and Norse gods, or tales your grandmother passed on to you about rubbing your feet with onions or putting garlic in your socks when you’re sick. It might bring to mind famous people whose lives are shrouded in mistaken legends: Columbus was not a good man, Walt Disney is not frozen in a cryogenic chamber somewhere, and Edgar Allen Poe died of rabies, not alcoholism.

Personal-Touch-LawyerMyths are everywhere we turn, to the point that debunking some of them can be extremely cathartic! Here at the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we’ve noticed some myths surrounding the concept of a personal touch lawyer. Since we pride ourselves on each of us being a highly individualized lawyer, now seems like a good time to clear the air and delve into the truth about what makes a lawyer genuinely personal.

3 Myths About Today’s Personal Touch Lawyer

They are less professional. You don’t actually have to sacrifice quality to get a personalized lawyer. On the contrary, most personal touch lawyers are deeply involved with their clients and truly care about the outcome. It’s difficult to bring about the best possible outcome and win the most compensation possible for a client when the attorney is lacking skills or knowledge. In fact, winning cases for clients necessitates a greater depth of knowledge combined with a sensitivity to the client’s needs.

It’s just a gimmick–lawyer aren’t actually compassionate. Some may not believe that personal touch lawyers exist. These same people would have you believe that lawyers are more shark-like than human. In reality, lawyers care about their clients, and they know that they can only achieve the best results possible by going the extra mile to get to know each client and the complexity of their situation.

It’s actually about hiring more personnel. If an attorney claims to be a personal touch lawyer, it’s not in order to attract more personnel. While it can only be considered a plus to attract more like-minded lawyers to a firm, a personal touch lawyer’s first and foremost goal is to reach you–the client. In fact, growing their firm is secondary to working diligently to serve clients.

The reality is, it is all about you, hence the term ‘personal’ touch. Consider this helpful information, so you can walk into your claim with eyes wide open. Here at TMH Law, we consider each person unique. From that belief springs another: Each story deserves to be heard, and each wrong must be righted.

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