Learn more about what mistakes you may be making in your search for the best Philadelphia lawyer for your needs.

Have you been wrongfully discharged by your employer? Is your employer overworking and underpaying you? Are you a car accident victim at the hands of someone who was texting while driving? Have you been victimized by medical malpractice?

Sometimes you and your family suffer because of the actions of negligent individuals or companies. Whether you have lost income, your job, or your health, you might be searching for a reputable lawyer who will work feverishly to achieve a successful outcome. When selecting a Philadelphia lawyer, you should be sure to thoroughly research the firm, confirm his or her specialization, and adhere to your claim’s statute of limitations.

Don’t commit to a firm without doing your research.

philadelphia lawyerCredibility is an important consideration you are faced with when selecting a Philadelphia lawyer. Personal recommendations act as a good starting point. Always keep in mind that the referral may be valuable, but might not be relevant to your matter. The American Bar Association website is a resource that helps you find location-specific lawyers as well as lawyer license verifications. Some legal specialty groups list directories online.

You may also find that an individual law firm’s website will tell you a lot about the firm and their specialties, and whether they list testimonials. An important step is the point of contact with the firm of choice either by phone or in-person. The first interaction should reveal whether the attorneys are knowledgeable, passionate, and engaged in their work. You need to be heard by someone who is actually listening, and you should understand what the next steps would look like if you pursue a case with that firm.

Don’t pick a Philadelphia lawyer who doesn’t specialize in your claim.

You wouldn’t hire a building contractor to redesign your kitchen that had never managed a residential project. Similarly, why wouldn’t you analyze a lawyer’s skill set in the same manner? You should be looking for a Philadelphia lawyer with the expertise and results that relate to your claim. When considering different law firms, be sure to ask who their typical client is and what experience their attorneys have with cases like yours. You should receive clarification from your Philadelphia lawyer on the logistics of the case, such as the terms of communication, payment structure, and estimated length of service. Ultimately, you need to feel confident that the Philadelphia lawyer you chose will fight to protect your interests using an ethical and personal approach.

Don’t procrastinate.

The chances are that the terms of your case are time sensitive. Fair wage cases can vary in the length of the statute of limitations with the maximum time of two years. Some cases are urgent, such as slip and fall cases where the medical evaluation takes place immediately. Most likely, your situation demands timely legal action, and a Philadelphia lawyer will help you achieve a resolution within your necessary timeframe.

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