Learn how a pedestrian injuries lawyer can assist you during this vulnerable time.

When watching the news or scrolling through your news feed you may have come across these  headlines about SEPTA and pedestrian accidents:

  • SEPTA-Accident-LawyerPedestrian Struck, Killed By SEPTA Bus
  • 5 Injured In SEPTA Bus, U-Haul Truck Crash In North Philly

The most recent SEPTA accident reported by Action News 6 ABC, happened in Glenside when a SEPTA bus struck and killed a 93 year old man.

For residents in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties the Southeastern Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is an integral mode of transportation for the 5 millions residents in these counties. But what happens to those who are injured after a SEPTA accident? How does a pedestrian or families of those injured or killed get the justice they deserve? When it comes to pedestrian injuries and lawsuits, TMH Law is your #1 choice for SEPTA accident lawyer services!

For over three decades, TMH Law has represented pedestrians injured in accidents involving buses, trolleys, trains, subways, trucks, and cars. Compensation laws with SEPTA accidents today can get confusing and complicated fast! Partnership with an experienced SEPTA accident lawyer can make all the difference in the compensation you receive.

Your SEPTA Accident Lawyer Wants You To Take These 5 Steps Immediately

  1. SEPTA Incident Form – As the victim, you should be given an incident form to fill out after any SEPTA vehicle is involved in an accident. Fill the form out completely and be sure to add every detail and description of the accident. You should retain a copy of the SEPTA incident report, and give this to your SEPTA accident lawyer. Ask for an incident form if the driver doesn’t offer you one.
  2. Take Notes – If at all possible, be sure to take detailed notes of the incident. Where it occurred, the name or description of the driver involved, the route of the SEPTA vehicle, where you were sitting, or where you were at the time of impact, and descriptions of any other vehicles involved. If you’re able try to take photos or video of the incident, street location, other vehicles involved, injuries, or anything that could be helpful in this case.
  3. Seek Medical Attention – It’s important to seek medical attention immediately! Depending on the severity of the accident, emergency services might be called. Let emergency personnel attend to your injuries. If none are called on scene you MUST go to the ER and get your injuries assessed and taken care of.
  4. Don’t Speak to SEPTA – SEPTA attorneys or employees may try to contact you and ask for a statement regarding the incident. If this happens, decline making a statement and refer them to your SEPTA accident attorney.
  5. Retain an Experienced SEPTA Accident Lawyer – If you haven’t found an experienced attorney to represent you, then call the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland at 215-701-9365.

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