Don’t be another slip trip and fall statistic!

Slip trip and fall injuries are far more common than people realize. Yes, there might be a negative connotation to slip trip and fall legal cases, but the fact remains that thousand of people are killed or severely injured every year due to a slip trip and fall hazard.

slip trip and fall legal caseLet’s take a look at  slip trip and fall statistics by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI):

  • Falls account for 21.3% of emergency room visits. That’s over 8 million ER visits.
  • 5% of people who fall will sustain a serious fracture
  • Employees’ slipping on slick floors account for 85% or worker’s compensation claims
  • 31 days is the average amount of work missed due to a slip and fall incident
  • 20,000 fatalities occur each year in North America due to slips trips and falls.  That’s approximately 55 deaths a day

These are disturbing statistics! What happens to someone without proper legal guidance? Or to the families who’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence?  Acquiring an experienced attorney for your slip trip and fall legal case is key to getting the compensation you deserve!  At the Law Office of Thomas More Holland, we have decades of experience seeking remedies for those who’ve been seriously injured due to slips trips and falls.

Steps To Take If You Find Yourself In A Slip Trip And Fall Legal Case

A man is walking through the hospital on his way to visit his niece. In one hand he’s holding flowers, and in another he’s just about to put his wallet away. When out of nowhere his feet are suddenly out from under him, and he crashes into the floor with his right shoulder taking the brunt of the fall. After the man gets up, he realizes the floor is wet. He looks around to see if he there was a sign warning of a wet floor. He doesn’t see a caution sign anywhere. The man gets up, rubs his shoulder, grabs his things, and is on his way.

A few months later this same man ends up having surgery on his shoulder due to the fall he sustained at the hospital.  In order for this gentleman to have had a strong slip trip and fall legal case, he should’ve taken these steps:

  1. Report It Immediately – Find someone responsible for that location and report it to them immediately!
  2. Witnesses – Get contact information of those that witnessed your fall.
  3. Photos or Videos – Take pictures or videos of the area. If it’s possible try to obtain video footage if there are security cameras in the area that you fell.
  4. Seek Medical Attention – See a doctor immediately!  Get checked out as soon as you can to get an understanding of the severity of your injury. With a slip trip and fall legal case you need your legal statements and medical reports to be exact.

You’re entitled to be compensated! Contact TMH Law today!