Our harsh northeast winters can turn simple activities such as walking into a dangerous gamble of safety.  Learn how you can prevent a slip and fall and what to do if it does happen.

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Now that frigid weather is upon us again, make sure you are taking necessary precautions to avoid devastating snow and ice accidents.

4 Ways To Prevent Snow and Ice Accidents This Winter

Wear proper footwear

snow and iceMake sure that the shoes you wear while walking to and from a building have a greater amount of traction.  This would include shoes with rough soles, thermoplastic rubber soles, or even the convenient option of ice cleats that attach to your existing footwear.

Give yourself more time

When snow and ice hits your area, plan to add an extra 10 minutes to your travel time.  This will allow you the peace to traverse slowly across parking lots, sidewalks, and slippery entryways.  Completely avoid areas that appear too dangerous or poorly maintained.

If the only path available to you still holds dangerous areas, take short, measured steps while maintaining constant awareness across the snow and ice covered area.   

Keep Your Eyes Alert

Avoid distractions while walking through areas with snow and ice.  Put the phone away. Avoid a conversation with a fellow employee.  Make sure loads being carried are easily handled and not overbearing.  

Allow yourself full attention on the path in front of you, as some slippery areas may not be readily visible when your focus is divided between numerous things.

Be Aware of Problem Areas

Know the trouble spots and purpose to take extra care.  

Outside areas that may accumulate more snow and ice include low spots within a parking lot or sidewalk, drainage areas from downspouts, and heavily traveled lanes in a parking lot where snow has been severely packed down.  

Don’t immediately relax once inside.  Problems can still arise once you hit the glassy smooth surface of an inside foyer.  Take care to notice if the floor is wet or covered with snow.  

Check the bottom of your shoes to remove any snow accumulation from your trek inside.  Remaining snow and ice on your shoes can cause a slip, trip and fall even when you thought you were completely free of danger.

While we know that these tips may seem like common sense, we hope this simply serves as a reminder that our Northeast winters can be harsh, and we encourage you to take extra care while traversing in these difficult conditions.  

But we also realize that sometimes no amount of preparation can prevent a slip, trip and fall.  

That is why we’re here.  

At TMH Law, we exist to make sure that you receive proper representation when you have been involved in an accident that may have caused you hurts and harms.

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