Tom Holland is here to get you the money you need after a work-related injury.

It’s straightforward: You require a workers compensation lawyer who knows the in’s-and-out’s of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act and all its guidelines that your employer will never tell you about. Thomas More Holland has devoted himself and his career to protecting the rights of people like you after a work-related injury. At the Offices of Thomas More Holland, we can help you to define your claim and build a successful case.

Most workers dealing with work-related injuries are new to the situation, and so it’s a smart idea to hire a work injury lawyer to help you navigate the process of filing your claim in order to receive the compensation you deserve. Allow the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland to explain some common mistakes when choosing a work-related injury lawyer.

Work-related injuryThe TMH Law Difference: Work-Related Injury Handled Right

“Choose the Best”. Perhaps the most common mistake when it comes to seeking legal guidance for a work-related injury is simply not finding an attorney who is knowledgeable in workplace injuries or workers compensation law. An aggressive lawyer who is confident about his track-record in the realm of work-related injuries is what you need.

The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland are aggressive and experienced lawyers ready for fight for any work injury claim.

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Thomas More Holland is an aggressive and smart workers compensation lawyer ready to get you the money you deserve.

Mr. Holland is experienced in evaluating lump sum offers. Early lump sum settlement offers may be encouraging, but Tom Holland will be able to help not leave anything on the table.

Attorney Thomas More Holland and his staff give every client personal attention while investigating and analyzing the facts of every case. If you, a loved one, or family member suffered a work-related injury, it’s best to seek legal guidance sooner rather than later.

Your rights as a worker should be respected, but often they aren’t. You ought to be informed of the lawful processes if you are hurt on the job, but often you don’t learn about these and employers never tell you. If you think you’ve experienced a work-related injury, come visit us at TMH Law. We guarantee the best legal services available for your work-related injury. Call us today for a free consultation.

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