Keys To Knowing Your Worker’s Comp Rights!

The ability to provide for your family is important to you. When your ability to provide for your family has been threatened due to a workplace injury – do you know what your worker’s comp rights are?  Getting injured on the job, and being unable to support your family may seem like bad luck, but what happens when your workplace isn’t abiding by the workmen’s compensation laws put in place by the PA worker’s compensation act? How can you get the compensation you know you’re entitled to?  

worker’s comp rightsAt the Law Office of Thomas More Holland, we want you to be prepared if you ever find yourself in this situation. We’re here to give you the legal guidance you deserve and recover your lost wages during this unfortunate and stressful situation. At TMH Law, we have over three decades of experience with worker’s comp rights, and we want to assure you that we’ll fight to ensure your medical bills are paid for, and your lost wages recovered. We’ll be here every step of the way answering questions, dealing with the insurance companies, and preparing you for the next step in the process.

Worker’s Comp Rights:  What You Need To Know

At TMH Law, we want to empower you with knowledge, and make sure you’re ahead of the process if you’re ever injured on the job.

According to the PA Worker’s Compensation Act, “Every employer shall be liable for personal injury to, or for the death of each employee, by the injury in the course of his employment, and such compensation shall be paid in all cases by the employer,”.  This includes repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, hearing loss from constant exposure to loud noises, amputation or loss of body part, etc.   Worker’s compensation laws require your employer to cover medical bills (hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation), and replace lost wages while the employee is out of work. However, this does not pertain to an injury or death sustained at work that was self-inflicted.

When you’re injured on the job, your workplace should provide you with at least six healthcare provider options. If they do not provide these healthcare provider options you are free to see anyone you wish. However, if a list has been provided you are required to follow through with your care with this selected provider for 90 days.

IMPORTANT! You must report your workplace injury immediately! In the state of Pennsylvania, your employer’s insurance has 21 days to from your report to approve or deny your claim. It is imperative you do this as soon as possible! If you’ve reported your injury, and 21 days have passed, contact the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland where we’ll get in contact with your employer and employer’s insurance on your behalf. We’re here to get you the compensation you’re entitled to!