Don’t delay reporting your on the job injury!

As an employee, if you’ve been injured on the job you’ll likely report the injury to your employer. Your employer will, in turn, fill out the proper forms, advise you to see a doctor, provide you with a list of doctors to see, and send you on your way to seek medical care. At this point, your employer will file a workers comp claim to their insurance, and you’ll continue to seek treatment for your injury. Ideally, you may receive medical compensation and wage loss compensation if the injury has caused you to miss work. More often than not a workers comp claim is pretty straightforward, but that’s not always the case.

Workers-Comp-ClaimThere are important legal steps involved in the workers comp claim process that must be followed exactly in order to receive your medical and wage loss benefits. The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland want to provide you with information that will ensure you receive your medical and wage loss compensation you deserve.

Workers Comp Claim:  What You Need To Know

Time is of the essence. According to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act,  you must report your injury to your employer within 21 days to receive compensation. If you haven’t reported your injury before 120 days have passed, you will no longer be eligible to receive workers’ compensation. Thus, it’s imperative that you report your injury to your employer immediately! It’s important to explain your injury in detail to your employer. When it happened, where it happened, and how it happened are all extremely necessary details to report when it comes to filing a workers comp claim.

After you’ve described your injury in detail to your employer you must receive medical treatment. At this point, your employer should provide you with a list of at least 6 physician’s, written notification of your employee rights, and must obtain signed acknowledgement of these rights. Once you’ve chosen a doctor from the list you must be under their care for 90 days. If your employer doesn’t provide you with this information and doesn’t receive a signed acknowledgment from you, then you are able to receive medical treatment from any doctor or physician of your choosing.

In the rare case that your workers comp claim is obstructed through the negligence of your employer, it is appropriate to contact a lawyer. Seeking legal counsel gives you the ability to have an experienced attorney guide you through the complexities of workers comp insurance.

If you’re unsure of what options you have with your workers comp claim, let TMH Law help you determine what your next steps are with complimentary workers comp case evaluation.

A Note About Lump Sum Settlements: Tom Holland has experience evaluating lump sum offers. Early lump sum settlement offers may be encouraging, but Tom Holland will be able to help not leave anything on the table. If the disability continues to be treated without a definitive diagnosis and/or prognosis, prompt settlement may not be prudent. When and if to settle is your decision to make, but BEWARE. What’s the hurry?

Please be cautious of an early settlement offer from a claims adjustor who suggests you do not need a lawyer. Our law office specializes in representing injured employees, and we know worker’s compensation law inside and out. You are allowed to represent yourself in worker’s compensation proceedings, but remember that the litigation is complex and your employer will be represented by an experienced attorney. Don’t walk into court, unprepared and outnumbered.

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