What to Know About an Auto Accident Lawsuit in New Jersey

There’s never a good time to be involved in an auto accident, but understanding the auto accident laws is helpful if you choose to file an auto accident lawsuit in New Jersey.

Did You Know?

The state of New Jersey is considered a ‘no-fault’ car insurance state. What that means for you is that you have to look to your own insurance for repairs to your car, injury compensation, and recovery of lost income.

Wait…. What?  Yes, that’s right! Even if the person who hit you was 99.999% at fault you can’t bring an auto accident lawsuit against that person. Of course, there’s always exceptions to the rule.

Although New Jersey is a “no-fault’ car insurance state there is a way to bring a lawsuit against the person who hit you. In order to bring a lawsuit against the other driver, the injuries must qualify as ‘serious’ under the state law.

So what qualifies as ‘serious’ under New Jersey auto accident law? The accident must result in severe disfigurement or scarring, dismemberment, cause the loss of a fetus, displaced fractures, or permanent disability.

In addition to proving that the car accident was ‘serious’ under New Jersey law there is another way around a “no-fault’ car accident. At the time you purchase your insurance, you’re given the option of ‘no-fault’ insurance or traditional insurance.  Choosing the traditional care insurance coverage gives one driver the ability to sue another driver for all damages sustained during the accident, such as car repairs, injury compensation, and recovery of lost wages.

Remember, if you’re able to file an auto accident lawsuit in New Jersey, you only have 2 years from the date of the accident to file. And it might come in handy to have an experienced auto accident attorney that knows how to handle the laws of New Jersey.

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