How The Best Fall Down Lawyer In Philadelphia Will Get You The Compensation You Deserve!

You headed to the store to grab a few items, and you end up the victim of a slip and fall accident. So how did this slip and fall happen? Do you know what you slipped on? Can you prove that your slip and fall was caused by negligence, or were you the cause of your slip and fall?

There are important steps you need to take once you’ve been injured in a slip trip and fall:

  • Report it to someone in charge of the establishment you were injured at.
  • Photos/videos – Photos and/or videos can be proof of why you fell.
  • Witnesses – Get information from those that witnessed your fall.
  • Don’t wait! Seek medical attention to assess your injuries.

Slip and fall injuries are more common than people realize.  Even with all the information you obtained, proving liability and damages without an experienced fall down lawyer in Philadelphia can be difficult!

An experienced fall down lawyer in Philadelphia will go over the accounts of events that led to your fall. Which foot did you slip on? Which direction did you fall? Was there anything on the floor that you slipped on? Did you trip on anything? Was there a Caution sign alerting customers to a wet floor? Did you fall forward, backwards, sideways?  In order to prove liability on the part of the store, your attorney needs to know every detail of your slip and fall. An experienced attorney will examine where the slip and fall took place, your medical records, witness information, and photos/videos obtained at the scene to be able to prove liability and damages.

The Law Office of Thomas More Holland has the experience and knowledge you need in a fall down Lawyer in Philadelphia. Contact TMH Law today, and let’s get you back on your feet!

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