Does your Philadelphia attorney do this?  It may be time for a change.

When you find yourself looking for an attorney, chances are that you are already in a stressful situation.  Whether it is unfair wages, a personal injury, or motor vehicle accident that has put you on the search for a Philadelphia attorney, you have enough on your mind.  You don’t need to be worrying about whether or not you have picked a lawyer who you can trust to get you the results you deserve.  At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we want to help you choose your attorney with confidence.  We often find that one of the best ways to find what you do want is to know what to avoid.  So, we have put together a list of three qualities you don’twant to find in a Philadelphia attorney.

Qualities To Avoid:

  • philadelphia attorneyThe Inexperienced Attorney.  If you were injured in an automobile accident, it is imperative that you find a lawyer who has extensive experience representing other clients who were also injured in car or truck accidents.  You are paying for expertise of the attorney you hire; don’t waste your money on a novice or a general attorney who lacks the specialized skills to navigate situations like yours.
  • The Overworked Attorney.  It’s no secret that all kinds of attorneys have a lot going on!  This is even more true in large practice.  However, while a normal amount of busyness is to be expected, your attorney should always be able to schedule a personal meeting within a reasonable timeframe.  You want an attorney who will be there to answer your questions and dedicate time and energy throughout your case.  Try seeking out smaller, boutique style law firms where you can have confidence that your Philadelphia attorney can give you the personalized attention you deserve.
  • The Passive Attorney. Finally, your case matters to you; it should matter to your attorney as well.  A passive, unenthusiastic lawyer is not going to be able to get you the results that you want and deserve.  You need someone who is going to be zealously dedicated to your cause and present a passionate representation of your experience.  Checking the references of potential attorneys is one great way to get an idea of what they are really willing to do for their clients.

A Philadelphia Attorney You Can Trust

Of course, knowing what you don’t want in an attorney is only the first step.  Once you know what to avoid, it’s time to take the next step and find a lawyer who can really suit your needs.  If you are looking for an experienced and passionate lawyer at a small, boutique style firm, be sure to consider the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland.