Filing claims can be tricky but we give you tips on how to file correctly.

Have you or someone you love been injured on the job? Have you filed a workers comp claim and been rejected? Have you begun a claim? This is where attorney Thomas More Holland steps in and saves the day!

TMH Law is here to protect you, not only from those who are avoiding giving you what you deserve, but also protecting you from yourself. Many times when filing a workers comp claim, people end up working against themselves because they do not know the proper way to fill out a claim. That’s where the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland come in!

Here Are 3 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Filing A Workers Comp Claim

  • iling a workers comp claim, file a workers comp claim, filing a workmans comp claim, file a workmans comp claim, filing a workers compensation claim, file a workers compensation claim, a workers comp claim fileYou didn’t report your hurts and harms because you think insurance will take care of it.
    With the gift of private health insurance, you may think life will be easier if you just take care of this issue yourself. Little do most people know, this actually causes more problems. Here’s why.

    • Health insurance does not pay disability benefits if you will be unable to continue working.
    • Workers compensation pays at 100% of medical bills related to your injury whereas most of the time health insurance has deductible and co-payment requirements.
    • Workers comp will pay for your travel to go see a specialist if needed, where health insurance does not.

If your employer tells you to seek out your health insurance before filing a workers comp claim, you have the right to continue in filing a workers comp claim without their consent.

  • You didn’t report your hurts and harms because your workplace injury made an existing condition worse.
    The truth is you can still receive workers comp benefits if a workplace injury has worsened an existing condition, and also if your existing condition made your work injury worse. The only time you will definitely not receive workers comp benefits is when you intentionally injure yourself.
  • You didn’t report your hurts and harms because you didn’t miss any time from work.
    Workers comp is not only for days you miss work due to your injury, workers comp pays for your medical expenses. So, if you were injured at work but were able to immediately return to your normal duties, you may still qualify for benefits. Also, minor injuries can often times result in long care conditions – so be sure to that you are filing a workers comp claim, no matter the type of injury as long as it is a workplace injury.

If you would like assistance in filing a workers comp claim, or have anymore questions regarding your rights, contact Thomas More Holland. Representing injured workers for over 20 years, the attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland have the knowledge to handle your case.