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The holidays may be looking a little rough for you this year. Not only were you injured on the job, but now you’re not receiving your normal salary. An injury can put a damper on things, but dealing with financial strains due to your injury can sometimes take away your last thread of sanity.  The New Year is fast approaching, and dealing with your Philadelphia workers compensation claim may improve with these simple tips.

3 Tips To Avoid Challenges With Your Philadelphia Workers Compensation Claim

There is never a convenient time to be injured on the job, but here are a few tips to help when you’ve sustained an inconvenient injury at work.

  1. philadelphia workers compensationReport your Injury to your employer AND your coworkers.   In Pennsylvania, you have 21 days from the time of your injury to report it. If you delay too long, you may be denied benefits altogether. If you haven’t reported your injury after 120 days you will be denied all workers’ compensation benefits. Informing your employer is key, but informing your coworkers of your injury can be beneficial for your workers’ compensation claim.
    Here’s why: there’s a possibility your workers’ comp claim can be denied due to lack of witnesses. While this doesn’t happen often, it never hurts to have coworkers be aware of your injury or have witnesses come forward who saw your injury take place.
  2. Seek medical attention and keep medical records. While this has been stated numerous times, and seems the obvious next step in your Philadelphia workers compensation claim some people decide to forego this important step. Once you’ve reported your injury to your employer, your employer should then provide you with 6 or more medical care providers that you should see for treatment. You must see the same provider for 90 days during your treatment and recovery process. You’ll need to maintain your own personal records of your injury to ensure you are compensated properly.
  3. Find an experienced Philadelphia Workers Compensation Attorney. If your benefits have been denied, terminated, or suspended, there are sensitive time limits in order to recover your workers’ comp benefits according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. It’s important to work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you through this complicated time. The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland have the experience and expertise you need during this stressful time. Contact our offices at (215)592-8080.