It seems more complicated than it is. As an employee, your main tasks are seeing a doctor, notifying your employer, and filling out a work-related injury report.

workers comp claim process
If you’ve noticed painful symptoms after an accident at work, you may hesitate before taking action. Many people do. What they do not recognize is that it is on their employer to provide the means necessary for them to access care and compensation. Studies have found that fewer than 40% of eligible workers apply at all for workers compensation.

But at this point, you must act quickly in order to begin the workers comp claim process during the small window of time that’s given by the state. If you do not follow the steps correctly, you could jeopardize your ability to access full benefits.

TMH Law provides legal support for employees seeking workers compensation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Read on for a full timeline of the steps you must take to begin. Here we also answer frequently asked questions, such as “How long does it take for workmans comp to pay?” and “How long does workers compensation last?”