Don’t be a doormat for self-seeking corporations.

If you or a loved was hurt on the job, Workers’ Comp New Jersey is designed to cover any losses you have sustained. Given the fact that businesses, insurance companies and doctors are out to make a profit, it’s no wonder that workers comp insurance law is opaque to all but those who make a living knowing it. You are covered by New Jersey workers compensation, and need an aggressive New Jersey Workers Compensation lawyer, Thomas More Holland is here to fight for your rights and get you the money you deserve.

What happens if you want to file a claim with Workers’ Comp New Jersey?

Workers' Comp New JerseyThe Department of Labor outlines the first step following an on-the-job injury: “In cases of dispute between an injured worker and the employer and/or insurance carrier over entitlement to benefits, the worker may file either a formal Claim Petition or an Application for an Informal Hearing with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Upon filing, the case will be assigned to a judge and a district office based upon the county of residence of the injured worker, or if the worker lives out of state, the county where the employer is located.”

The New Jersey Department of Labor recommends you get legal representation. It is “not required but it is recommended.” That is because the nuances of Workers’ Comp New Jersey are not intended to be clear. There are technicalities that an employer may seize on, leveraging loopholes to take advantage of injured employees. Or, without the support of an experienced attorney, it can be tempting for employees to settle for a paltry lump sum.

Tom Holland is an experienced and aggressive New Jersey workers compensation lawyer. Early lump sum settlement offers may be encouraging, but Tom Holland will be able to help not leave anything on the table. If the disability continues to be treated without a definitive diagnosis and/or prognosis, prompt settlement may not be prudent. When and if to settle is your decision to make, but BEWARE. What’s the hurry? Please be cautious of an early settlement offer from a claims adjustor who suggests you do not need a lawyer.

Our law office specializes in representing injured employees, and we know worker’s compensation law inside and out. Don’t walk into court, unprepared and outnumbered.

Call TMH Law, and get the New Jersey workers comp money you deserve.

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