Slip and fall accidents can take place anywhere and at any time but there are a few common reasons people slip and fall. Often when a person falls, they feel embarrassed and blame themselves. Usually, however, there was a condition on the property that caused the fall. Some common reasons for falls are:

Uneven Conditions

Uneven conditions exist most frequently where two surfaces meet, like on a sidewalk.  Have you ever walked down the street and seen a hole from a pipe or a crack in a sidewalk where one side is higher than the other. These are common examples of uneven conditions that can cause a slip and fall.

Slippery Surfaces

Slippery Surfaces are common as a result of snow, ice, rain or when someone drops something in a store that causes the flooring to be wet. Often slippery surfaces are hard to see and cause fast and violent contact with the ground.slip trip and fall accident lawyer


Obstructions occur by tripping or falling over something. Common examples of obstructions are a plug or a cord, a box in an aisle or down a broken stairway.

Dark or No Lighting

Poor lighting conditions cause falls in parking lots or stairways when you cannot notice an uneven condition, slippery surface or obstruction because the lighting is bad, or no lighting exists.

Slip and Fall accidents are serious injuries and can result in lasting and permanent pain and suffering. It’s important if you slip and fall to report it to the owner of the property, take photographs of the area showing what caused you to fall, get names of witnesses and go to a doctor. Slip and fall cases can be complicated and there are many defenses owners of property use to try to prevent recovery. Therefore, it is important to get to an attorney as soon as possible.

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