Understanding workers’ rights in PA can help you protect yourself

Though the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania established workers’ rights in PA to protect you and other employees, there are some hard facts to know. First of all, and unfortunately for so many of us, Pennsylvania lawyers are unique from other states.

That is why the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland want you to be well versed regarding the rights you do have as an employee. Knowing about workers’ rights in PA will help you to better understand when it is time to stand up and defend yourself, or to seek legal aid to do so.

Thanks to the contributors at Lawyers.com, we at TMH Law can offer you a helpful list of some of the workers’ rights in PA that you should know. So, here is our input on the workers’ rights in PA that you really ought to know:

Workers’ Rights in PA

Getting Hired

workers’ rights in PAInterview questions regarding religious affiliations, family planning, or infirmities are illegal. Should anyone ask you such questions in an interview, feel free to say that you will “respectfully decline to respond.”

Minimum Wage and Overtime

Though other states increase minimum wage and overtime regulations, Pennsylvania’s minimum wage and overtime laws only match the federal requirements.

Work Environment

By law, employers must provide a safe work environment, and cannot fire employees who point out hazards in the workplace.

Workers’ Compensation

Though workers’ rights in PA barre you from suing for personal injuries at your job, you do have a legal right to file for workers’ compensation to help cover medical expenses and lost income.

Time Off

Both federal and state Family and Medical Leave Acts protect you for certain types of time off, but not all. Refer to your human resources department for further information.


All forms of harassment are unlawful under federal law. According to Lawyers.com, “Conduct rises to the level of harassment when it’s severe enough to create a hostile work environment or when a supervisor’s conduct establishes a measurable change in an employee’s status or benefits.”


Pennsylvania offers workers “at will” employment. What this means is that either you or your employer can end your contract for any, or even no reason, discrimination notwithstanding.

Post-Employment Benefits

Per contributors at Lawyers.com, “After employment ends, employees might be eligible for benefits, such as unemployment benefits and COBRA, although very small companies are likely exempt from these rules.”

If you have any questions regarding workers’ rights in Pennsylvania, or would like to speak with an attorney regarding an employment case, call TMH Law today.