The straight truth on slip, trip and falls.

It’s easy to say what’s right and wrong, but there are a lot of injustices in our society today. An unfortunate fact is that there are those who would go out in front of a Walmart on a cold day, slip and injure their hip, and call a fall down attorney to sue the corporation whose property they were on. We all hear of these incidents of people milking companies for big claims settlements.

fall-down-attorneyLet’s be clear. That’s not who we’re talking about here. As an honest fall down attorney, Tom Holland knows that there are many, many unreported cases. Why aren’t they reported? Well, the bad reputation of some claimants has made many other honest people reluctant to seek compensation. These are people who are injured, who have suffered damages but are not seeking reparations.

Here is why refraining from making a claim is a bad idea:

Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate To Call A Fall Down Attorney

  1. Compensation for an accident is a right, and one of the privileges of living in a country where that right is protected by law! Not claiming your right is just (silly).
  2. If a certain company is being careless with maintenance of floors or icy or uneven surfaces, that’s a hazard to everyone: employees, customers, etc.. Not mentioning a fall is not a good thing; in fact, addressing the problem can help that company to avoid it in the future.
  3. America is founded on the idea of individual responsibility and freedom, to the extent that no one else’s freedoms are encroached upon. If those freedoms and responsibilities (namely, to maintain one’s property in such a way as to not cause accidents) are neglected, the American legal system has repercussions for the negligent party, and compensation for the injured.
  4. You might have dependents, and a fall down attorney can help you assess the extent to which your slip trip or fall has affected your ability to provide/care/love those dependent on you. When you are injured, the people you love hurt to see you hurt. If you’re injured to the extent that you can no longer work, or even pick up a child or a grandchild, you have lost something. also points out that hiring an attorney is crucial, since the money you might save on attorney’s fees will also be reflected in the reduced settlement you get.
  5. You never know the extent of your injuries. What might seem like a mere twisted neck at the time, could turn out to be an injured vertebra or ruptured disk. This isn’t a scare tactic, but fall down attorneys know how injuries can evolve over time, even occasionally becoming debilitating! Even if the injury isn’t debilitating, medical care is expensive, and you shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of that alone.

Don’t refrain from making a claim. To determine whether or not you have one, or for more information on slip and fall negligence or what to do after a slip and fall accident, contact TMH Law today.


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