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Fall Down VictimA wet floor in the corridor of a shopping mall.  A loose brick in a sidewalk at your university.  A dangerous area not properly marked with warning and caution signs.  A trip, slip and fall can happen anywhere.

It’s easy to feel sheepish after a trip, slip and fall incident, but it’s not uncommon.  The World Health Organization indicates falls as the second leading cause for accidental deaths. In the United States, 556,000 falls occurred in the year 2013. If you or someone you love is victim of a fall and wondering what your rights are and what you should do next, know that you do not have to carry this burden alone.

The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland have the expertise and experience you need to determine and navigate your case. To get you started, TMH Law offers a few tips every fall down victim should know when considering their next steps.

Complete Definition of a Fall

When determining if you need to hire a lawyer, it is helpful to understand the complete formal definition of a fall. A fall is an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or floor or other lower level. Fall-related injuries may be fatal or non-fatal, though most are non-fatal.

Criteria for Determining Possible Liability for a Fall Down Victim

The law indicates certain criteria for determining liability and responsibility in the event of an injury-causing fall. When determining what to do next and who to turn to for support, consider the following:

  • Was there warning of dangerous conditions in the area where the fall occurred?
  • Was the fall caused by dangerous facility conditions?
  • Could the fall have been prevented with proper inspections for safety hazards?
  • Is the owner of the premises where the fall occurred responsible for spills, wear and tear, or other dangerous/slippery surfaces?
  • Was the fall a result of negligence?

If the answers to these questions indicate that conditions of the facility may have been responsible for the cause of the fall, also consider the criteria used to evaluate the fall down victim’s own responsibility:

  • Did the fall down victim have a legitimate reason, known by the owner of the facility, to be in the area where the fall occurred?
  • Could a reasonably careful person have avoided the hazard?
  • Did distraction or running, jumping, et cetera lead to the fall?
  • Were proper warning and caution signs in the area?

Steps To Take Following A Fall

Following a fall it’s essential to take these next steps:

  1. Report the fall!–Talk to the person in charge of the facility. Ensure that the incident is properly documented.
  2. Find Witnesses!–Get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident.
  3. Find Photos/Video–Find out if anyone caught the incident on camera or video. Inquire about security footage. Photograph the area as soon as possible.
  4. Seek Medical Attention!–Do this as soon as possible in order to receive the care necessary but also to properly and thoroughly document the extent of your injuries.
  5. Hire a Lawyer!–Do this as soon as possible, also. Your likelihood of winning is greater the closer your case is to the date the incident occurred.

What To Look For In A Slip, Trip and Fall Lawyer

  • Find someone local. A local lawyer knows the local laws and systems and will navigate your case with ease.
  • Find someone with expertise in the area of slip, trip and fall.
  • Find someone with experience and a winning track record.
  • Find someone who bills on a contingency basis. Hire a lawyer who only accepts payment after the case is won or settled and the client has received the money awarded.

The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland have the expertise and experience you need to handle your case. TMH Law knows the law and has a strong track record of success. If you or someone you love is the victim of a fall down incident, call TMH Law for counsel today at 215-592-8080.


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