The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland can help you find the right help for your workmans comp claim.

If you were or if someone you love was recently injured at work, you are probably just beginning to think about filing a workmans comp claim.  As many workers do, you may quickly be discovering that the workers’ compensation process can be complicated and confusing.  It can be hard to navigate even during the best of times; it is even harder when you are also trying to focus on getting the medical treatment you may need in order to recover.  At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we know that finding an attorney to help you through this process can vastly improve your experience, as well as the results of your claim.

workmans compYour lawyer is supposed to make things easier; so, you don’t want the process of finding the attorney to be a complicated ordeal.  People like you have tried many different methods to find the right workmans comp attorney for their case, with varying results.  To help you make the best decision, we have compiled a collection of the best options to help you find the help you need.  We hope that you find this useful!

How To Find A Workmans Comp Attorney

There are a number of common options that injured workers may use to find the right lawyer for their situation.  Many like to start by asking for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have been in similar situations.  This option can work well if you have a local acquaintance who has a positive experience in a workmans comp case like yours.  However, your options are limited to your circle of local connections; even a glowing recommendation from a cousin three states away is unhelpful, as it gets you not closer to the local representation you need.

For those without a personal recommendation, the internet can be an excellent resource.  This approach allows you to screen a number of local attorneys who have experience in worker’s compensation law.  You can look for reviews and testimonials from their previous clients, as well as the particular rates and services.  However, it is important to verify in person the things you have read online.  Choose a few promising candidates and then schedule appointments to meet in person.  Aaron Hotfelder of NoloLaw recommends treating your initial consultation as a job interview for each lawyer.

What To Look For In Your Lawyer

When you get to the stage of sitting down for a consultation or interview with a few final candidates, have your questions prepared before hand.  As you prepare your questions, make sure to consider all of the factors, including:

  • The lawyers’ experience with claims like yours
  • Who will be working on your case
  • Whether your attorney also represents employers in workers comp cases
  • What kind of communication can you expect
  • Whether you feel comfortable talking with this attorney

We hope that these ideas help you to move forward with confidence as you seek the help you need in your workers compensation case.  For more information about our own workmans comp services, please contact TMH Law today.