If you’re wondering how to pursue a slip and fall settlement, then TMH Law has the best answer for you.

At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we open many cases for slip and fall settlement each year. Though many people don’t even realize that they are entitled to pursue a slip and fall settlement when they are injured because of someone else’s negligence, we know this isn’t you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post!

At TMH Law, we want all of our clients and prospective clients to be as well informed as possible about legal matters like filing for a slip and fall settlement. That is why we’ve gathered here some simple, easy-to-follow steps adapted from AllLaw.com.slip and fall settlement

8 Step to Pursue a Slip and Fall Settlement


  • Report the accident: As soon as possible after the accident occurs, you should make the owner or highest ranking person at the property aware of the incident. If your accident occurred on public property, be sure to contact the municipality with your report.
  • Get witnesses’ contacts: Having the names and contact information of any witnesses to your accident may prove crucial in a slip and fall case.
  • Take pictures, ASAP: Though you may be too injured to gather photo evidence of the scene, having several shots of where you fell from multiple angles will help to determine the outcome of your case.
  • Get medical treatment: Don’t wait to receive medical attention for your injuries. If you do wait, insurers and jurors will assume that you weren’t badly hurt.
  • Provide a full report to your health care providers: If your medical statement is inconsistent with your legal report of the slip and fall incident, the strength of your case can go downhill fast.
  • Fill out accident reports accurately: Though you do not legally have to fill out an accident report if a commercial property owner asks you to, be sure to provide the most accurate account of the incident if you do.
  • Do not give a tape recorded statement to the insurer: Even if you receive a visit or telephone call from an insurance adjuster who pressures you to provide an account, giving a statement will not help you if you do not have a lawyer.
  • Attend scheduled medical treatment: Follow-up appointments to address your injury must be kept, so that your injuries heal and you do not lose credence over the seriousness of your accident.

Finally, you should contact a reliable law firm to represent you, one that is well-versed in handling slip and fall cases. At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we have the knowledge and expertise to get a swift and favorable result of your slip and fall legal case, so contact our offices today.