Appeal your workers compensation denial!

How do you get workers compensation? Workers compensation in Pennsylvania is an achievable process when you follow the proper steps. When you’ve been injured at work your injury must be reported within 21 day according to the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act in order to be eligible to receive compensation. After you’ve recounted how you were injured and accurately filed your claim paperwork, you must seek medical attention to receive care and treatment. Your employer is required to fill out all the proper forms, and promptly report your injury to their insurer. After your employer and their insurance carrier receives notice of your injury, they have 21 days to issue a Notice of Compensation Payable, a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable, or a Notice of Compensation Denial.

What happens if you receive a Notice of Compensation Denial? If you workers compensation has been denied you MUST consider seeking legal representation at the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland.

How Do You Get Workers Compensation If You Claim Was Denied?

If you’ve been denied workers compensation, you and your lawyer need to determine the reason you were denied. Here are some of the common reasons that benefits are denied:

  • Injury wasn’t reported in time.
  • Workers compensation claim wasn’t filed in time.
  • Your employer disputed the claim.
  • You didn’t seek medical treatment.
  • Insufficient evidence to prove that injury was work related.
  • Injury isn’t compensable under the Workers Compensation Act

You’ve just been denied the compensation you’re entitled to. So how do you get workers compensation now? Your next step is to file an appeal with the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board. You have twenty days from the issue date of your denial to file an appeal.

At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, your appeal will be prepared by an attorney who has decades of experience with Pennsylvania’s Workers Compensation appeals board. The appeals board will review your case, and decide if they can overturn your denial for workers compensation.

If the Appeals Board upholds the denial of compensation your next step is to make your appeal with the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. You have 30 days from the day the Appeals Board issued its decision to file another appeal with the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. There they will review your case, and determine if any errors occurred along the way. The Commonwealth Court with then issue their decision.

How Do you Get Workers Compensation if you’ve been denied? Contact TMH Law today, and have an experienced attorney fight for the compensation you deserve!