With the right steps, finding a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia can be easy!

If you or a loved one recently suffered injury due to a slip and fall incident in which another party may be held responsible, it is time for you to seek legal counsel. A slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia will be able to determine if you have a case, help you outline your case goals, and fight for you in court.

Unfortunately, we know that finding a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia won’t be a very easy obstacle to surmount. With so many reliable legal firms in the city, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. That’s where the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland comes in.

Though we know you may not decide that TMH Law is the right team to represent you, we want you to have some of the most helpful tips to deciding what legal firm to work with. So now, here they are:

The How-To Guide for Choosing a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Philadelphia

Hire a local lawyer

slip and fall lawyer in philadelphiaThough this may seem like the most random piece of advice for picking a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia – perhaps you’re thinking, “Well, of course! I want to be able to get to their office!” – hear us out. When you hire a local lawyer, you hire someone who knows about the local laws and legal system. If you hire a lawyer within Philadelphia, you will also benefit from working with someone who is familiar with laws or ordinances of the city.

Choose a lawyer with slip and fall expertise

It’s true; there are areas of expertise which lawyers and their legal offices “train” to excel in. Also, because of the growing number of reported slip and fall cases, you can be sure that there are legal teams out there with slip and fall expertise under their belts.

Choose an experienced lawyer

Another important factor in choosing a slip and fall attorney in Philadelphia is ensuring that that attorney has many years of experience in his or her practice. If you want to win a case, don’t waste your time by hiring a rookie!

Choose a lawyer who bills on a contingency basis

Let’s face it – nobody wants to have to deal with legal fees.  That’s why it is important for you to choose a lawyer who only accepts payment after the case is won or settled and you get your money.

Finally, if you want to hire a Philadelphia lawyer who meets all of these requirements and also comes with great testimonials from previous clients, call TMH Law. We can help you start settling your slip and fall case today.