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2 Common Misconceptions About Worker’s Comp And Why You Should Consult An Injured On The Job Lawyer

Injured on the Job LawyerWhatever industry you work in, you deserve to work in a safe environment, and yet, many employees get injured at work.   According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s 2015 annual report, there were 166,102 injuries and 38.4% of those were sprains and strains. So, why do you need to contact an injured on the job lawyer?  Contacting an attorney provides you with a formidable advocate to ensure that you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

There are some misconceptions about worker’s compensation that we would like to shed some light on.  Here are two common misconceptions of worker’s compensation.

Misconception #1 Employees are always entitled to worker’s compensation.

While the workers’ compensation system provides a “no fault” basis for compensating workers who suffer on-the-job injuries and occupational illnesses, there are certain situations where benefits might be denied.  Generally injuries and occupational illnesses will be covered even if your injury results from your negligence.  Injured on the job attorneys will inform you about the  circumstances that are not covered by worker’s compensation.

Misconception # 2   I should sue my employer in addition to filing for worker’s compensation.

Generally speaking, it is not possible to sue your employer and receive worker’s compensation simultaneously.  The worker’s compensation system was established to ensure that employees get the necessary medical care and income replacement instead of having to go through the lengthy process of filing a lawsuit.  It may be possible to proceed with an injured on the job lawsuit against a negligent third party, but your claim will have to be analyzed by job injury lawyers first.

Why You Should Consult An Injured On The Job Lawyer

While you may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, it is always good to have an injured on the job lawyer at your side to ensure good results.  Even if your worker’s compensation process appears to be a simple and straightforward process, you can only benefit by consulting with an injured on the job attorney.

Dispensing Justice and righting social wrongs.

Lump Sum Settlement: Tom Holland is experienced in evaluating lump sum offers. Early lump sum settlement offers may be encouraging, but Tom Holland will be able to ensure that nothing is left on the table. If the disability continues to be treated without a definitive diagnosis and/or prognosis, prompt settlement may not be prudent. When and if to settle is your decision to make, but be cautious of an early settlement offer from a claims adjustor who suggests you do not need a lawyer. Our law office specializes in representing injured employees, and we know worker’s compensation law inside and out. You are allowed to represent yourself in worker’s compensation proceedings, but remember that the litigation is complex and your employer will be represented by an experienced attorney. Don’t walk into court, unprepared and outnumbered.

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