Workers’ Comp: What’s the Big Picture?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 4,500 people die each year due to a work injury. Many more get injured and never receive the workers comp benefits they deserve. In fact as of 2015, the average employer pays only 20% of compensation costs in a workers comp PA case. With this cost-shift, many workers lose income over a number of years after a work injury.

If you’ve been hurt at work recently, it is critical that you talk to your employer immediately. Even if you don’t feel that you know exactly what the legal processes are, you should tell your employer. Your employer should give you a form to submit, after which you will wait for the insurance company of your employer to approve or deny your claim.

When to Submit a Claim

To receive workers comp PA benefits, you are required to report the injury to your employer within 21 days of its occurrence. After the 21 days are past, you will no longer be eligible for the compensation.

Special PA Provisions

You should receive benefits from wage losses when you have a note from your doctor explaining your injuries and your inability to work during treatment. Once the claim is accepted, your bills will be paid for by the company insurance. Workers comp in PA is special in that it is a “no fault” policy. The employee receives workers compensation no matter who was actually at fault for the injury. That is good news for you because it means you don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy proving that it was your employer’s responsibility.

Get Help Now

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