Will increasing minimum wage really make it a fair wage?

minimum wageThe United States has come a long way since President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted a 25 cent per hour minimum wage in 1938.  In 2016, the federal minimum wage stands at $7.25 an hour.  Provisions for the federal minimum wage are seen in the Fair Labor Standards Act, and hasn’t seen an increase since July 24, 2009. However, 29 states including the District of Columbia have set their minimum wage rate higher than the federal minimum wage as of January 2015.

Where is Minimum Wage Increase Occurring

As the fight for fair wages gains momentum, let’s take a look at the cities and states that have begun the process of increasing minimum wage. In 2015, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Delaware, and Maryland enacted wage increases.  In 2016, CA became the first state to ensure a  $15 minimum wage increase along with New York and Oregon.  These cities listed below have successfully set the Fight for $15 in motion, but the economic impact remains to be seen.

  • Seattle, WA – Seattle was the first city to throw its hat in the ring, and begin the increase to $15 an hour. With larger companies being subject to the new law by 2017, and other business by 2021
  • Los Angeles, CA – One of the largest cities to begin the minimum wage increase, L.A.’s current minimum wage is $9 and will gradually increase its hourly rate by 2020.
  • Emeryville, CA – This city seems to go by the motto “Go Big or Go Home” since they are the first city to have the fastest and highest minimum wage increase in the nation. Emeryville not only will enact the minimum wage increase faster than any other city or state, but it has exceeded the increase by an extra dollar. Making the city minimum wage increase $16 by 2019.
  • San Francisco, CA – The city of San Francisco’s thoughts are ‘you gotta pay to make them stay’. Seventy-five percent of the city is in support of the wage increase taking effect in 2018.
  • Mountain View, CA – Mountain View, the home of Google, will increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018.
  • Pittsburgh, PA – While Pennsylvania, abides by the federal minimum wage, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto signed an executive order that will raise the minimum wage for city workers. Beginning in 2017 the rate will increase to $12.50 in 2017, $13.75 in 2019, and make the complete transition to $15 by 2021.
  • Missoula, MT – While their increase in minimum wage might only affect 15 city workers the city thinks it’s worth it. The increase will begin at $12 an hour, and increase to $15 by 2018.

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