Dealing with on the job injuries? We can help you find the right lawyer for work workers’ compensation case.

On the job injuries can happen to any worker, in any industry.  Whether they develop over the course of several years through repetitive motion or exposure of they happen in an instance, these injuries can have a huge impact on the rest of your life.  This is one reason that workers’ compensation is so important.  Your benefits can pay for reasonable and necessary medical treatment, wage loss, and even compensate for lifelong disabilities or disfigurements.  

on the job injuriesMost workers dealing with on the job injuries are new to the situation, and so it is a good idea to hire a job injury lawyer to help you throughout the process of filing your claim and receiving the benefits you deserve. At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we recommend looking for the following features in a potential workers’ compensation attorney.

  1. The Right Credentials

Before you hire any work injury lawyer, you should make sure that she or he is an active member of your state bar and is in good standing.  However, this should only be the starting point as you consider whether or not an attorney is a good match for your case.  You should also ask about recent experience and any specialized training to ensure that this lawyer is well-versed in workers’ compensation cases like yours.

  1. Clear, Consistent Communication

While credentials are more of an objective factor, it is also important to consider subjective qualities of lawyers as well, including their communication style.  Before hiring a lawyer, meet him or her in person.  This conversation will help you to determine if our communication styles are compatible and if you will be comfortable working together.  It also gives you a chance to judge whether this lawyer will really take a personal interest in you and your on the job injuries, or if you are just a number in his or her book.

  1. Affordability

Finally, affordability is an important factor in your consideration process.  According to Lindsey Shafer of, you will often receive greater benefits even after paying an attorney’s fees than you would if you chose to file the claim on your own.  And, most of these fees will come out of your settlement money, rather than out-of-pocket.  However, it is important to get a clear outline of all fees and when they must be paid prior to hiring a lawyer.

Choosing an on the job injuries lawyer is an important decision; it is worth putting in the time to do the research you really need.  For more ideas about how to go through the selection process, check out our BLOG today.