Fair Wages

It’s a problem that affects CEOs and waitresses alike.

It never seems fair. Being overworked and underpaid isn’t limited to any social class or particular job.

Overworked-And-UnderpaidFemale CEO’s are overworked and underpaid–in general, they are paid over 50% less than their male counterparts! Teachers are expected to put in long hours at home, and there’s little thought given to the compensation they should be receiving for all that work. Granted, the bad teachers who put no effort in are being overpaid, just scraping by with the minimum of work possible. The good teachers, however, are nearly always overworked but underpaid. Entry-level, minimum-wage jobs also get hit hard: waitresses, cleaners, certified nursing assistants, fast food workers, cashiers, EMTs, child care providers, automotive service technicians, etc..

But can you do something about it? Here are the steps you should take if you are feeling overworked and underpaid:

  1. Look into the market. If you’re not in a minimum wage job and you’re getting paid minimum wage, something might be amiss. Linkedin suggests using this online tool to get more information.
  2. Don’t overlook overtime. Read your contract and check out federal overtime laws. You might not even be getting paid for the extra hours you’re putting in, let alone getting paid overtime! The Fair Labor Standards Act strictly regulates when and where you can work, as well as how much you should be compensated for that work. There is no such thing as “off the clock favors.”
  3. Check your checks. If you’re in a minimum wage job, you already know what a struggle it is to live on minimum wage–not to mention providing for a family with minimum wage pay! Overworked employees get so used to the feeling of barely making ends meet that they never notice that their wages actually dip below the minimum wage/per hour limit. How is that possible? Through unfair tip credits, companies charging employees to ‘rent’ equipment or uniforms, and improper deductions.
  4. Call an attorney. Being overworked and underpaid is never a good situation, but getting out of that and getting compensated can be tricky. Hire an attorney who is an expert on fair wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act; call TMH Law today.

With one free consultation you could find out the truth about whether or not you are entitled to compensation for being overworked and underpaid.


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