When you’re burnt out and underpaid what can you do?

As an employee you want to do the best you can at your job. Maybe you want to advance in your company or you heard there’s a promotion on the horizon so you take on an extra assignment here or there. Or maybe your boss sees you’re a team player, and keeps asking you to stay late or work on your day off, and you oblige, but all of this extra work can make you feel a bit overworked.  

If this is you, we sure hope your boss appreciates what you’re doing, but overworked employees can start showing some of these signs when they’re burned out.

Signs of an Overworked Employee

You’re snippety

overworkedThere’s nothing wrong with taking on an extra shift, an extra assignment, or staying a little later than usual to get the job done, but if you’ve begun to notice your own snippiness then you might be a bit burnt out.

Brain fog

You’ve been the “yes” man or woman for so long you start losing track of what you’ve said “yes” to. If you catch yourself forgetting what you were doing then you might be overworked.

You take your work home with you

If you think, discuss, stress, or even dream about work you might be overworked. If you can’t leave your work at work then you are working too much.

It’ll be better when I get that promotion

Or it’ll be better when the busy season is over, when this project is over, when they hire another person, etc, etc.  If you’re always saying it’ll be better when x,y,z….then you might need a taper back your workload.

You’re always tired.

Have you gone from a 40 hour work week to 50 or 60 or more? If you’re burning your candle at both ends, you’ve probably noticed you feel tired all the time. If you’re hitting up your local coffee shop more then you’re catching some z’s, you are working too much. Forbes reported that a Stanford study found that an employee’s productivity peaked at 49 hours a week and then takes a dive after that. If you want to be more productive and less tired you might want to cap your workweek by at least 49 hours.

The big question is, “are you getting paid for all these extra hours you’re working?”  If you’re burning the midnight oil, and your paycheck isn’t reflecting that, then your employer is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. The FLSA states that non-exempt employees should get paid 1 ½ times their normal pay when working over a 40 hour work week.

What if you’re an exempt employee? Unfortunately, some employers apply exemptions incorrectly in order to avoid paying their employees overtime.

Exempt or non-exempt. Overworked or underpaid. If you think you’re employer is short changing you, contact the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland today!