Have You Been Injured At Work, If So, Don’t Fall For These Workers’ Comp Myths

When it comes to work-related injuries some people choose not to file a worker’s comp claim because of misinformation or misconceptions they’ve heard regarding workers’ compensation.  Don’t be fooled! The best Philadelphia lawyer debunks some of the most common workers’ compensation myths.

  1. Worker’s compensation benefits will cover all the costs of your injury.  Regardless of the severity of the injury, an employee may not claim compensation for pain and suffering. These specific forms of damage are reserved for negligence claims not workers’ compensation.  
  2. philadelphia lawyerYou can be fired for filing a workers’ comp claim. While companies are not required to hold positions for employees out for an extended period of time, it is illegal for your employer to fire you for filing a claim.
  3. Pre-existing conditions prevent you from receiving workers’ comp.  You may be eligible for benefits if you can provide evidence that your work duties have aggravated, reactivated or worsened your condition.
  4. It’s easy to obtain workers’ comp benefits on your own. This is false.  Both your employer and the insurance agency have lawyers to represent them, and so should you. Insurance companies are not obliged to provide you with good or accurate advice so your best bet is to be prepared and consult with a knowledgeable Philadelphia attorney.
  5. You can sue your employer when you suffer from a work-related injury.  Incorrect, you cannot sue your employer.  There is a no-fault rights is a part of the workers’ compensation act that grants immunity to the employer for negligence. If a there is a third party that is responsible for your injury you may choose to sue them directly for pain and suffering.

Be Prepared, Consult Your Philadelphia Lawyer Regarding Workers’ Comp

Remember that your employer and their insurance company have attorneys to represent their interests in court, and so should you.  Even when workers have a good relationship with their employer, that doesn’t mean that your employer will do the right thing. Be prepared and consult with a
Philadelphia lawyer with over 20 years experience fighting for the rights for every client.

At TMH Law Offices, we listen to your situation, consider the facts of your case, and explain the process of filing a workers’ comp claim and assist you if it’s denied.  Not sure if you have a workers’ comp claim? Learn more about workers’ comp and how the best Philadelphia lawyer can help, contact us today at (215) 592-8080.