Be the victor of your slip trip and fall case!

Everyone has been involved in a little slip and fall from time to time. However, when one of those falls results in injuries due to someone else’s negligence you need to seek legal guidance.  A Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer from the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland will help you navigate your way through the complex labyrinth of slip, trip, and fall laws.

According to the 2011 National Safety Council Injury Facts, 8.9 million visits to the emergency room are due to injuries sustained from a slip, trip, and fall accidents. The expertise of a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you through the local laws for your slip, trip, and fall case.

How A Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Guide You Through Your Case

Proving Liability

Philadelphia-Slip-And-Fall-LawyerIn order to prove legal responsibility and the property owner’s negligence, your lawyer must be able to demonstrate that one of these are true:

  • The property owner and/or employee was/is the cause of the slippery floor, worn area, or spill that caused the fall.
  • The property owner and/or employee knew about the hazardous area, but did nothing to remedy the situation.
  • A “reasonable” property owner and/or employee would’ve know about the dangerous area if there was regular protocol to check for safety hazards.

What is “Reasonable”?

Your Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer must be able to prove that the property owner failed to act responsibly or reasonably. As the most commonly used defense in a slip, trip, and fall incident,  here are a few considerations that will be taken into account:

  • Were proper steps taken to warn people of the safety hazard? Signs? Access prevention?
  • Does the property owner have a policy in place that requires employees to check for safety hazards? If so, is there evidence of such policies through meetings, logs books, or check lists?
  • Was poor lighting a factor in your slip and fall accident?
  • How long had the safety hazard been there before the accident? If the safety hazard had been discovered weeks before, but the property owner hadn’t taken reasonable steps to remedy it, then this can prove liability and negligence.

So how do the experienced attorneys at TMH Law get you the compensation you’re entitled to? We use evidence. At the Law offices of Thomas More Holland, we question witnesses, request medical records of your injuries, survey the property where the injury occurred, and find records of previous incidents or complaints. TMH Law has the experienced Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer for your slip, trip, and fall accident.

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