Truck accidents can be doubly devastating.

There are two sides to every coin, and never is that more true than in the case of truck or ‘big rig’ accidents. According to the laws of physics, the sheer size and weight of a truck makes it much more dangerous on the road. You could be looking for a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer for one of two reasons: you were injured in a truck accident or you were driving a truck at the time of an accident and are summoned to appear in court. In both cases, the following information is pertinent:

What You Should Know Before Calling a Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer

  • Philadelphia-Truck-Accident-LawyerYou must prove negligence, whether that be the negligence of a motorist or of the truck driver. Negligence is the crucial point that any Philadelphia truck accident lawyer is going to work hard to prove whether that be the negligence of the truck driver (falling asleep, not taking the legally required breaks from driving, etc.,) or the negligence of the motorist (texting while driving, driving under the influence, drafting behind a semi).
  • There are often multiple defendants. The trucks themselves generally belong to a company not owned by the driver. Those companies, any direct supervisors, employers, contractors, or insurance companies may be under a legal obligation to compensate the victim. Of course, the level of control they exercise over the driver and their individual liability policies will determine to what level they can be held responsible. That’s why it’s so crucial to identify all possible defendants and the liability they hold. Your auto accident lawyer questions every party involved for fullest, most accurate picture of the incident to ensure you have the best chances for getting your compensation.
  • Truck accidents can happen in unique ways and in special circumstances. Jackknifing is unique because it is often a hazard that can be brought on by innocuous circumstances, but that can have deadly consequences. For example, an abruptly slick road or a motorist who brakes or swerves suddenly ahead. The same quick reflexes that are required as a truck driver can be the same reflexes that easily land a truck in a jackknife. In this case, negligence can be difficult to prove. On the other hand, a turning accident is a situation where there is limited visibility and not enough lanes, which can be the cause for negligence on the part of the controlling entity or the individual driver, depending on the circumstances. However, the outcome of the claim has been proven to often be largely dependant on the court that hears the case.

If you’ve been involved in a semi truck accident, lawyers can help. Whatever damages have been sustained, whether physical, emotional, or financial losses–contact the best Philadelphia truck accident lawyer for a free consultation. The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland have always been dedicated to righting wrongs, and our competence is crucial to have on your side when navigating the murky waters of a truck accident claim.

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