You have been injured. At work, at a store, on a construction project, or on your neighbor’s property. You are unsure whether to sue. Will the  the person who caused your injuries have to pay you the money? These are normal concerns that we at The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland hear people voice when they are thinking about bringing a lawsuit. But it’s not usually the case.


“I’m not one of those people who likes to sue.”  We hear you and understand.  Initially the impact the injury has on you and your family may be uncertain. As the extent of your injury is revealed, you may discover you can no longer work.  Or, you may learn you can work but have restrictions that limit the type of work you can do in the future- causing you further financial losses.  You may need future medical procedures. You may have a permanent injury that will cause you pain forever.  You may think you only injured your leg but realize as the pain subsides for that injury you also hurt your back.  These are all legitimate reasons to bring a lawsuit.


The money used to pay a personal injury lawsuit almost always comes from the insurance company that represents the person whose negligence caused your injury. Most homeowners, stores and businesses have insurance that will cover them if you get hurt on their property.

At The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland we understand your concerns and will spend time talking to you about your case.  We are here to help you and your family with all your legal needs. TMHLAW -one stop legal shopping.