How should I go about my search for the top small business attorney near me? And, what does the best small law firm Philadelphia have to offer?

Like law, most people have a passing knowledge of the Bible’s book of Proverbs. Sunday school or confirmation at a young age can leave a strong impression. One thing that defines Proverbs is its clear goal of informing its readers of the importance of discernment, instruction, and insight. It was written with the purpose of passing down wisdom and pursuing knowledge.

That’s a concept that’s largely passed out of our society. While we have access to the internet–Google has all the answers–our society often chooses to spend that time researching funny cat videos rather than widening their breadth of knowledge. That’s a problem that we often encounter as a small law firm. Philadelphia citizens are frequently uninformed or misinformed regarding the law. And, that’s where we step in.

One Small Law Firm Philadelphia Offers Guidance

The best way to avoid infractions and lawsuits is to know the law. The Fair Labor Standards Act and PA Workmen’s Comp applies to most small businesses, without them knowing it sometimes. Ignorantia juris non excusat. That’s Latin for “ignorance of the law excuses not.” One of the founding pillars of Western Law is this concept that one cannot claim ignorance of a law as grounds for innocence. Small businesses often run into this situation.

Take the minimum wage, for example. Minimum wage violations run rampant across the country, largely because of ignorance of the law. If a small cleaning business charges its few employees for their own supplies and the difference between that and their hourly is below minimum wage, that small business has violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and is subject to fines.

Another area where small businesses can run into trouble is when misclassifying employees as independent contractors, or independent contractors as employees. None of this is obvious information that can be determined from a quick Google search.

To be sure that your small business is in compliance with the law, start by searching ‘small business attorney near me’. If you’re in Philadelphia, small law firms like The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland can assist you. While PA Business Lawyers might charge an arm and a leg for a simple consultation, you can always take advantage of TMH Law’s vast collection of blogs and articles on the FLSA, worker’s comp, etc., as well as our complimentary case evaluation.

The best small law firm Philadelphia has to offer is the law firm that offers you information, insight, and legal counsel because knowledgeable businesses and employees make better workers. Call us for more information at (215) 486-3877.