First time looking for a lawyer Philadelphia recommends?  TMH Law can help with our easy beginner’s guide.

If you or someone you love has experienced hurts and harms because of the actions of another in the Philadelphia area, you may be looking for legal guidance or representation.  But how do you find a lawyer Philadelphia residents like you can really trust?  With so many attorneys to choose from, how can you have confidence that you are making the right decision?

At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we understand that this can be an overwhelming decision to make.  We want to empower you to make a confident and reliable decision with our simple beginners guide to choosing a lawyer Philadelphia can trust.

Start With People You Know

Begin with the tried and true method of asking people you trust for personal referrals.  In a recent study, 34.6% of people looking for a speciality lawyer said they would begin by asking a friend.  This beat out even using major search engines, which came in second place at 21.9%.  To get the most out of this step, try to talk with at least half a dozen people who have faced a similar legal problem as you have.  With this sampling, you should come up with several good leads which you can investigate further.

Important note: You should never choose a lawyer based exclusively on another’s recommendation; their needs and situation may have been different than yours and it is imperative that you do your own research.

Do Your Own Research

Your next step is to narrow down those leads by doing your own research into each lawyer Philadelphia friends have recommended.  Look for attorneys who have specialized in the particular area of law your case will fall within.  For example, you can find specialists who focus in slip and fall injuries, unfair wages, or even motor vehicle accidents.  Eliminate those lawyers from your list who do not have experience or specialization in the area you need.

Interview Prospective Lawyers

Finally, set up interviews with the remaining prospective lawyers.  In this interview, find out about the attorney’s personality and communication style.  Is this someone you could work with?  Also, ask about their rates.  You should be able to expect a clear and straightforward explanation for how you will be billed for the services you receive.  Finally, when you have found an attorney who suits your needs, make sure that she or he will be willing to take on your case.

The Lawyer Philadelphia Residents Can Recommend

As you ask around, you may hear many locals of Philadelphia and New Jersey recommend The Law Offices Of Thomas More Holland.  For more information about our specialities, experience, and rates, contact us today at (215) 486-3877.