Accidents are complicated, and truck accidents even more so!

There is a plethora of reasons why you might need to call the best truck accident lawyer Philadelphia has to offer. Reason number one is the devastating nature of a truck accident. Whether the damage following the accident is physical, mental, emotional, or financial, whether it is easily repairable or long-term, there are many factors that a court will take into account before awarding a settlement in a claim.

Reason number two is all the complicating factors that are not necessarily seen in a by a Philly car accident lawyer.

Complicating Factors As Seen By The Best Truck Accident Lawyer Philadelphia Boasts

  • Truck-Accident-Lawyer-PhiladelphiaThe sheer number of ‘unsafe’ acts that can be committed by drivers of passengers vehicles as compiled by FindLaw, including but not limited to:
    • Driving in the truck’s blind spots
    • Abruptly changing lanes in front of a truck
    • Positioning a passenger vehicle to the right of a right-turning truck
    • Turning left in front of an oncoming truck
    • Improper merging
    • Failure to accommodate merging truck
    • Unsafe passing
    • Getting caught by crosswind or air turbulence while passing a truck
    • Insufficient acceleration before pulling into traffic.
    • Driving between 18-wheelers or big rigs
    • Abandoning a vehicle on the road, or not pulling it completely off the road.
  • The difficulty for a semi truck accident lawyer in proving that any of the following reasons were the actual cause of the accident:
    • Lack of training in defensive driving, general technique, and avoidance of safety hazards
    • Pressure on the hiring agency’s side for the driver to A) driver faster or B) put in more consecutive driving hours than is legally deemed safe
    • Pressure from the trucking company itself in the form of demanding, unrealistic schedules that push drivers to sacrifice driving safety for job safety

Often, in truck accidents, there is a cocktail of these factors. It’s then up to the courts, the insurance companies, and the respective attorneys to prove fault. While it is rare that there be a ‘no fault’ truck accident, 10% of fatal truck accidents had shared fault.

In a previous blog, we discussed the difficulties of proving negligence. According to, negligence is “conduct that 1) falls below the standard of care expected of a reasonable person, and 2) causes harm to another person.” Once you’ve established where the duty, breach, causation, and damages lie, you’re a lot closer to proving negligence.

Those difficulties come into play along with the complications covered here. If you’ve been in a truck accident, a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer is your best shot at surmounting these obstacles and winning your claim.

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