Fighting For Fair Wages

Don’t be the victim. Be the victor!

You’ve been the victim of unfair pay practices by your employer, but you can become the victor with TMH Law!

Unfair-Pay-PracticesThomas More Holland has fought tenaciously over the years for those who are victims of unfair pay in the workplace. The Law Office of Thomas More Holland have represented countless employees that realized they were not getting paid what they were worth.  These individuals knew they had a lawyer on their side who could help navigate the complicated, and sometimes overwhelming aspects of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), The Equal Pay Act, and the intricacies of filing a Wage and Hour Claims.

But it’s not just Thomas More Holland that fights aggressively for you. It’s the tight knit compassionate team at TMH Law that wants to ensure you get the fair wages you’re entitled to.

The benefit of having TMH Law represent your unfair pay practices claim is the personal attention you’ll receive from everyone in our firm.  The advantage of working with a small firm is the amount of time and detail that is spent on your claim. You aren’t just another case in our queue. We care for each individual person and the hardships they are experiencing. Our intention at TMH law is to take the burden off of your shoulders and bear the weight of what’s to come. Not only are we known for our compassion, but also the experience and expertise that everyone at TMH Law brings to the table.

Unfair Pay Practices and A Lawyer Who Fights It With the 4 C’s

What are the 4 C’s, and how can they help you fight against unfair pay practices?

  • Compassion – Thomas More Holland and the team at TMH Law, care about their clients and their needs. If they didn’t truly believe in fighting for those victimized by unfair wage practices they wouldn’t be here fighting for you!
  • Competitiveness  – Thomas More Holland and the TMH Law team are passionate about being the voice for those who struggle to be heard above the fray!
  • Credibility  – Thomas More Holland began serving those who suffered injustices at the hands of their employers when he worked at his father’s law firm. He was and is deeply trusted by those that he works with, and those that he represents.
  • Confidence  – Confidence is a characteristic you need in an attorney fighting for unfair pay practices. There is no room for second guessing  when a client’s livelihood is at stake.

This is the easiest decision you’ll ever have to make!  Contact us today, and let’s turn this unfair pay practices journey into a victory!


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