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Violation of Minimum Wage LawsThe Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) was established to secure a national minimum wage, overtime pay, child labor standards, and a forty hour work week. In 1968, the state of Pennsylvania passed the Minimum Wage Act which establishes “a fixed minimum wage and overtime rates for employees, with certain exceptions; providing for minimum rates for learners and apprentices; creating a Minimum Wage Advisory Board and defining its powers and duties; conferring powers and imposing duties upon the Department of Labor and Industry; imposing duties on employers; and providing penalties”.

The Fair Labor Standards Act and the Minimum Wage Act were passed into law to ensure that employees were treated fairly, and paid the legal amount of money they were entitled to. So how is it that employers in Pennsylvania are in violation of minimum wage laws, overtime violations, and off-the clock violations?

According to a study done by Temple University’s Sheller Center for Social Justice, titled “Shortchanged:  How Wage Theft Harms Pennsylvania Worker’s and Economy”, here are some disturbing statistics for the Philadelphia area within a work week:

  • 128,576 violation of minimum wage laws
  • 105, 458 overtime violations
  • 83,344 off-the-clock violations

What Can Be Done about the Violation of Minimum Wage Laws?

Employers involved in minimum wage, overtime, and off-the-clock violations are betting on their employees not having a full understanding of the FLSA or the Minimum Wage Act. So as an employee what can you do?

Meet With Your Employer

Before you meet with your employers, it’s important that you calculate the amount of money you believe your employer owes you. Once you’ve calculated the amount, it’s important to go through the proper channels when setting up the meeting to discuss wage and hour violations. If your wage loss isn’t addressed after meeting with your employer, or you receive retaliation for bringing this to their attention, it’s time to move to the next step.

File a Wage Claim

Under the FLSA, employees can file a wage claim through the Department of Labor for wage and labor violations.  When you file a complaint you’ll be required to provide documentation that can prove your claim of wage and labor violations. The DOL will then decide if they want to proceed with an investigation or begin a payment plan negotiation with your employer.  

Consult an Attorney

A violation of minimum wage laws can be a tricky case to navigate.  Consider consulting an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland.  When you come to TMH Law you’ll receive a complimentary evaluation of your FLSA claim by an experienced attorney that has been fighting FLSA violations for decades.

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