You don’t want to go without this information about your workers comp claim.

A workers comp claim is an important piece of legal information to familiarize yourself with, particularly if you or a loved one needs to file one now, or in the future. To better understand what a workers comp claim is, let’s start from a definition of workers compensation.

workers comp claimWorkers compensation, also  known in various forms as workmen’s comp, or workmen’s compensation benefits, is statutory employment benefits designed to assist employees like you. According to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, workers compensation is the package of benefits an employee receives after he or she is injured on the job or suffers from a job-related occupational disease. Workers compensation usually performs two functions: To pay wage losses and medical losses caused by such job-related disease or injury.

There is more to the workers comp claim than meets the eye. At TMH Law, we’re all about continual education – for ourselves, and for you. That is why we’ve pieced together this additional list of information you should know about a workers compensation claim:

5 Additional Facts About the Workers Comp Claim

  1. Even if your claim is accepted, you should still ask for review from a law office with experience in workers compensation. An attorney on your side will help to ensure that you are paid the correct amount and given fair treatment.
  2. If your injury or ailment is due to unchecked workplace hazards, ask a lawyer about whether to file a personal injury lawsuit along with your compensation claim.
  3. If your claim is denied for any reason, you can contact a legal office to evaluate your case, explain your rights, and file the documents needed to get your benefits.
  4. Even if your claim is denied, you are entitled to file a Claim Petition and have your claim heard by a judge.
  5. It can take months for a Workers’ Compensation Judge to decide your Claim Petition case. However, an attorney can help you through that process and negotiate a lump sum.

Now, though you are better informed about your workers compensation benefits claim, we urge you not to put that knowledge to the test. As we hope to have shown, filing for workers compensation should be done with the aid of an experienced attorney, like the skilled attorneys from the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland. Call TMH Law to see how we can help you through your claim today.