Discover what sets TMH Law apart from the Philadelphia attorney at law competition!

If you have been the victim of injustice, you have probably realized that you need to find a Philadelphia attorney at law.  But how do you know who you can trust?  What separates a great attorney from all the rest?  And where can you find someone who will take a passionate interest in your case?

Although experience and specialization are often at the top of the list of recommended traits when choosing a Philadelphia attorney at law, they are not sufficient deciding factors on their own.  In fact, Howard Scher of Inside Counsel suggests that there are other, less measurable traits which you should look for, in addition to experience in the particular area of your claim.  These include:

  • philadelphia attorney at lawCredibility and a high level of trust not only with clients, but also with others involved in your case
  • Confidence on both personal and professional levels, to interpret information and act decisively
  • Competitive Spirit to fight passionately on behalf of their client, because “there are no routine trials”  

A Philadelphia Attorney At Law Who Demonstrates These Traits

Where can you find a Philadelphia attorney at law who demonstrates credibility, confidence, and a competitive spirit to get the job done?  The answer may be closer than you think. At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, you can find a zealous advocate for your personal injury case.

A history of credibility

When initially licensed in 1985, Mr. Holland joined his father’s practice and became a defense attorney who represented insurance companies and businesses against personal injury claims.  Seeing the way these companies tried to stymie the claims of injured workers, Mr. Holland opened his own law firm to represent people who have been injured through no fault of their own.  These experiences have given him a unique level of familiarity and credibility in cases like yours.  

A passion for justice

These days, Mr. Holland is known for his aggressive style, and for his determination to do everything he can to get the best possible result for his clients.  As a zealous advocate for justice, Mr. Holland and his team bring both confidence and a competitive spirit to every case they handle.

Does this sound like the sort of representation that you are looking for: someone who knows the issues and is passionate about seeking justice on your behalf?  If so, give us a call today to begin a conversation about how the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland may be able to help you. Contact us by filling out the form located to the left, by sending an email or by calling (215) 977-4354