Imagine for a minute that Joe gets injured at his job. He goes out on Worker’s Compensation. While out, his employer fires him. Joe is upset and worried. He was planning to go back to his job when he was fully recovered. Joe does not know what to do. He did not have a lawyer for his Worker’s Compensation case and is concerned. rights of the injured worker

What A Lawyer Can Do for you in a Worker’s Compensation Case


1. Make Sure You Are Not Waiving Your Rights to other Claims: like when your boss fires you, slashes your hours, reduces your pay, or otherwise discriminates against you

One benefit of having a lawyer represent you in your Worker’s Compensation case is that they can identify other lawsuits or claims you may have against your employer. One type of lawsuit that often accompanies a Worker’s Compensation case is a Wrongful Termination or Wrongful Discharge case. When an employer settles a Worker’s Compensation case they ask you to waive all other potential claims you may have against them. Without a lawyer, you would not know to be careful signing something with this language in it. A lawyer can  protect you against dismissing claims you may have against your employer. They can also help get you additional financial recovery. For example, in the above case, Joe’s attorney may have been able to sue his employer for Wrongful Discharge/Termination and possibly other claims for firing him while out on Worker’s Compensation.

2. Investigate to See if a Third Party is Responsible For Your Injuries

Another reason to have an attorney represent you is that they will evaluate your case to see if anyone other than your employer was responsible for your injuries. Take the above case with Joe. Let’s say that Joe was hurt at work using a conveyor. There may be an issue with the conveyor or the maintenance of the conveyor which would allow for a lawsuit against another company, not your employer. Without a lawyer, most people would not recognize that they may be able to pursue damages against another company.

3. Lawyers Can Help You Get The Recovery You Deserve and Appeal Any Denial

Knowing the law helps. Trusting the insurance company to pay you everything you are entitled to is not the right move. A lawyer will make sure you get all the benefits you are to.

Here at the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland we have represented hundreds of people in Worker’s Compensation cases. We evaluate every case to see if there is another claim to be pursued against the employer or another entity.  If you have any questions about your workplace injury or would like to speak to us about your case, call 215-592-8080 for a FREE consultation.