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In 2015,
Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Safety Office’s reported that there were 166,102 work injury and illness cases filed with the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. Out of the 166,102 workman’s comp cases that were filed, 65 of those injuries were fatal. While any workplace injury or illness is unfortunate, the numbers from 2014 were higher. The report from 2014 shows that there were over 11,000 more workplace injury and illness workman’s comp claims filed than in 2015. A drop in workplace injuries and illnesses is a plus, but what injuries account for these numbers?

Common Workman’s Comp Accidents

The top 5 most common workman’s compensation injuries as a percentage of total claims:

  • workman’s compSprains & Strains – 38.4%
  • Crushing & Contusions – 18.1%
  • Other – 16.2%
  • Lacerations & Punctures – 16.1%
  • Fractures – 4%

Other common injuries:  multiple injuries (2.9%), occupational illness (2%), burns (1.9%), and Amputation & loss of use of a body part (0.3%).  

With strains and sprains being the most common workplace injuries, what are the most common causes of these injuries? According to the report, 43,079 of the injury claims were due to overexertion (pushing, pulling, lifting) which account for nearly 26% of the workman’s comp claims. The other leading causes of injuries are: struck by objects (19.4%), same level fall (12.2%), bodily reaction (9.2%), and struck against an object (11.6%).

What Does This Mean For You?

With over 100,000 workplace injuries occurring in the last 3 years, employees need to be aware of the
workman’s compensation process and what their options are.

When you’ve been injured on the job, it’s important you report your injury right away. Waiting too long to report your injury can severely affect your ability to receive workman’s compensation benefits.  After you report your injury, your employer’s insurance company has 21 days to accept or deny your claim.

This is where workers comp claims can become complicated. If your claim gets denied, you have up to 3 years from the time of your injury to file a petition with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Claims. Workers compensation claims can become complex fast! It’s in your best interest to retain an attorney with the expertise you need to regain your lost wages and pay for your medical expenses. Another option that TMH Law may be able to assist with is a Lump Sum Settlement.

Lump Sum Settlement: Tom Holland is experience in evaluating lump sum offers. Early lump sum settlement offers may be encouraging, but Tom Holland will be able to help not leave anything on the table. If the disability continues to be treated without a definitive diagnosis and/or prognosis, prompt settlement may not be prudent. When and if to settle is your decision to make, but BEWARE. What’s the hurry? Please be cautious of an early settlement offer from a claims adjustor who suggests you do not need a lawyer. Our law office specializes in representing injured employees, and we know worker’s compensation law inside and out. You are allowed to represent yourself in worker’s compensation proceedings, but remember that the litigation is complex and your employer will be represented by an experienced attorney. Don’t walk into court, unprepared and outnumbered.

If you need help navigating the complex world of workman’s comp claims, contact TMH Law today!